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Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom there lived a girl and a boy. In this kingdom everyone worked for what they had and there wasn’t any kings or queens. Well this girl went to work, she loved her job , and the people that surrounded her in the workplace. She worked mostly by herself, she liked the time to think. Once in a while one of her bosses would come in to do this work and he would talk to her. He was a charming young fellow with a great sense of humor. And he has a tendency to flirt with the young worker. She didn’t mind, she enjoyed the time he came in and talked to her, but she knew that it was forbidden what she was feeling, so she decided that there was nothing wrong with looking, but not touch. And she did just this, she would flirt back and just have fun when he came in. This isn’t a story where the two fall in love, this is more realistic than that. Every time the young boss man would see his young worker he would say something witty or give her a funny look, his partners in the business began to question if  it was all fun or more than that. He then began to say things to generalize his flirting to all of the workers, which none of the other works said he did so. Not the point, she began to have a little more feeling for her this young boss man, but knew that nothing good would come out of it. She began to have dreams about him, she was able to have a relationship without getting in trouble or getting hurt. It was a perfect medium for her, she may wish something would happen in reality, but for now she knows that she can count on seeing him when she closes her eyes. I love that can last without complications. Everyone’s dream. 

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