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One day, one day can change your life forever without a single warning. Yes, it may be unfair and cruel, but that’s life, isn’t it?  One day can be the difference between making your life completely or tearing it at the seam. It’s crazy to think about, isn’t it? Tomorrow, something terrible could happen in my life that could totally blind me from the world because it is so horrific or something so great could happen that would change my life for the better either way that one day would be in my head for years to come, if I was still here. One day, maybe it is just me that is flabbergasted by the concept that one day can make or break us. Yet, I am aware of this one day concept and I choice to waste my life away doing things or better, not doing things. What if I died tomorrow, what would the world know about me? I hope that someone would tell my story, even if it is only to their children, I would hope the people that I have loved in my life would shed a tear, but only one because they need to move on with their lives. I would hope the love I give to all my loved ones would pass on. You know if I did die tomorrow, it wouldn’t be the worst thing, yes, I am too young and have a lot of my life to live, but I know that it would have been for a reason, and I know that I have touched peoples lives that I know that I have done what I have been put on this earth to do, which is help people. Let’s hope that I don’t die and help more people in my days to come. But I think everyone has to picture that. Picture that they would past the next day, have you done something with your life that could bring meaning to your death, if not. Wake up people!!! One day could change our lives, we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow! So make every second count because frankly it could be your last.

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