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I had my family Christmas a couple days ago, and when I was heading home in my car with one of my aunts. I saw how happy she was with her boyfriend. And then it got me thinking about the relationships within the family. I have learned, that sometimes finding someone really great you have to kiss some crazy ass frogs before you find your prince. For example, one of my aunts dated two crazies in her life, one started stalking her when she broke up with him, stuck his hand in a snow-blower hoping she would go back with him. Another aunt found her prince already married, but don't worry in the  stars aligned for them and in the end she got him. Another aunt had to fight with sickness, drug addiction and a horrible accent with her prince and on top of that taking care of four kids. And last but not least my grandaunt found her second prince, her first husband of 30+ years passed away from illness and in her time of grieving she reconnected with her first love, giving her light in her darkness. My family hasn't really had their love lives be easy, but that makes them more meaningful. Their love is stronger than anyone I know because they had to fight for it. They could have easily giving up, threw their hands up and walk away. I am sure the thought probably crossed their minds, but they wouldn't have what they have today. I am thankful I have such great aunts to teach me this lesson. 
Real love is something you wait for, you never give up on it, and you fight for it because the end result is a form a perfection we are looking for. 

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